Onda Colossal

We are a tourist maritime company that operates in the city of Aveiro. It all started with a dream, to unite a business familiar to Tourism. The 1st year of the Onda Colossal was in 2011, this company started with two boats: “Garete” and “Doroteia Verónica”.

The following year was built the “Onda Colossal” moliceiro, safer, taller and more resistant.

In recent years, our focus is to make known one of the most beautiful cities in the country, all tourists who risk falling in love with the wonderful canals, culture, gastronomy, art and architecture.

We have always made a commitment, with our Tourists, with our city, contributing to the economic and cultural development of those which are one of the most sailing regions.


From now on I will tell you that all the boats were built by Mr. Esteves, where the safety and stability of our vessels are preserved, where with the greatest knowledge and care Mr. Esteves perfects them so that those who visit us will be delighted to see our moliceiros. This company belongs to Master Luís, that every day preserves and encourages their employees to preserve this family whose main objective is to show the city of Aveiro and his places, to make you dazzle with the various histories of the ria and to do with that our family is also your family, in Aveiro. Whether it is a study tour, group trip or a family tour, our promise is to make sure your experience in Aveiro is memorable.

A Santa Joana

Onda Colossal